Management commitment


We are committed to providing high-quality training services, meeting the needs of our audiences and contributing to the professional and personal development of our learners. Management commitment plays an essential role in achieving our mission and core values. Attached, a document describing our commitment to our audiences, our employees and our partnership network:


Commitment to our audiences:

We are committed to understanding the needs and expectations of our users and offering them training solutions adapted to their specific objectives.

We strive to provide high-quality training services, with a focus on relevance, reliability and added value for our audiences.

We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our learners by providing them with continuous monitoring, assessing their needs and taking corrective action if necessary.


Commitment to our employees:

We value our employees by recognizing their contribution, fostering a respectful and inclusive work environment, and encouraging their professional development.

We are committed to providing resources and ongoing training to support the growth and professional development of our employees.

We encourage the active participation of our employees in the continuous improvement process and in decision-making related to the quality of our services.


Commitment to our partnership network:

We strive to be a responsible partner in our territory, contributing to its economic and social development.

We are committed to respecting ethical standards and regulations in force in all our activities.

We encourage our employees to get involved voluntarily in solidarity initiatives and projects, in order to strengthen our positive impact on our social environment.


Commitment to continuous improvement:

We are determined to continue the continuous improvement of our processes and services, drawing on feedback, evaluations and trends in our social environment.

We encourage innovation and the adoption of new technologies to improve efficiency and the learning experience of our learners.

We put in place regular monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to measure our performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

This commitment from Management is communicated to all members of the ABC FORMATION team, and we strive to put it into practice on a daily basis in all our activities. We firmly believe that this commitment contributes to our success and the satisfaction of our audiences, our employees and our partnership network.

Commitment of our center to the environment:

Fewer prints, more responsible use

Responsible waste management : We promote responsible waste management by encouraging recycling and reducing waste at source. This helps minimize our impact on landfills and incinerators.

Water conservation: We have implemented measures to save water, including the use of water-efficient dishwashers. This initiative helps reduce our environmental footprint by preserving this precious resource while maintaining a high level of comfort and efficiency in our center.

Sustainable mobility : To reduce our carbon footprint linked to travel, we encourage carpooling, the use of public transport, teleworking when possible, and the use of electric or hybrid vehicles for professional needs.

Reduction of carbon emissions: Most of our employees use public transportation to get to work. This practice contributes significantly to reducing our carbon footprint by reducing the use of private vehicles and promoting more sustainable and environmentally friendly modes of transport.