By responding “present” to the call for partnership from the PLIE of Argenteuil-Bezons, ABC Formation reaffirms its presence in professional integration.

Since its creation ABC Formation has worked to enable people far from employment to engage in a process of social integration through training and through the validation of a professional project:

  • Creation of a dynamic of professional integration
  • Development of basic skills and knowledge
  • Validation of the professional project
  • Releasing the brakes and preparing for entry into the world of work.
  • Training courses open all year round with permanent entries and exits.
  • Training tailored to business needs.

It is therefore logical that today ABC Formation is part of the dynamics of the Plie system. Its recognition in this area allows it to be a major support in this partnership.



Le Plie (Local Plan for Integration and Employment) is an individualized and reinforced support system for disadvantaged groups.

This support:

  • is long-term with global consideration of the person and continues during the first six months of access to sustainable employment.
  • is provided by course advisors who have in-depth knowledge of the people supported and are able to better meet the mutual needs of candidates and companies.


Entry into the PLIE is a voluntary act of the participant, who is then assigned a unique course referent, whose missions are to establish a diagnosis of the skills, difficulties and expectations of the participant, to co-construct with him its integration process and to coordinate the stages, then to ensure follow-up in employment during the first six months.



The implementation of these stages of the integration process is the responsibility of different service providers, selected by the PLIEs.

Thus, since July 2023, the ABC Formation Integration Center has become a service provider for Plie Argenteuil-Bezons by supporting Plie's missions and providing its knowledge and expertise in the world of

integration at the service of this integration system dedicated to the most disadvantaged.

The orchestration of the major players in integration put in place by Plie d'Argenteuil-Bezons and the dynamics of its actions such as the creation of the "Emplitude" label thus offer ABC Formation a new synergy that is stimulating and profitable for participants.


Hours of operation :

From Monday to Friday

9h-12h/ 13h-17h