Combating the digital divide


Content and objectives of the training

the fight against great exclusion and the fight against non-recourse.
The objective is to leave no one behind, which involves in particular a
policy of resolute fight against non-recourse, with the establishment of solidarity at the source,
as with the deployment of “Zero non-recourse territories”


  • Using digital technology as a lever towards professional integration (employment and training) for job seekers monitored by the employment services of the Val Parisis agglomeration
  • Breaking the digital divide and promoting digital inclusion
  • Promote the employability of local job seekers by developing their mastery of digital uses and encouraging their e-autonomie


Each monthly session includes the following modules:

A final evaluation is scheduled:

A final evaluation is scheduled for each workshop

Type of audience :

people detected by ABC FORMATION whose level of autonomy on the tools
digital is qualified as beginner, who have the ability to learn, and eventually
to use administrative digital technology alone;
Job seekers
the parents
any motivated person committing to the minimum attendance required by the diagnosis
initial. We will study all requests in a spirit of “Unconditional” welcome.

  • Useful information

    7 sessions of 10 people
    From July 3, 2023 to July 21, 2024
    14 days of training with one free day during the week mainly on
    1.from July 3 to 25, 2023
    2.from September 4 to 28, 2023
    3.from November 2 to 28, 2023
    4.from January 2 to 26, 2024
    5.from March 4 to 28, 2024
    6.from May 2 to 30, 2024
    7.from July 1 to 23, 2024

    Hourly volume : 4H
    Training registration cost : 0
    No annual membership to the structure requested in addition
    Passing a French language certification or diploma : Support is included as part of the training for certifications or diplomas
    Childcare : No