Encouraging communication through expression for migrant adults who are non-readers and non-writers


Content and objectives of the training

  • Two evaluations (initial and final) are scheduled:

    Mid-Training Assessment: this assessment will be conducted to assess the acquisition of reading and writing skills and will make it possible to measure progress made to date and make adjustments if necessary.

    Summative Assessment: This assessment will be carried out at the end of the program to comprehensively assess the skills acquired by participants in reading and writing. This will help measure the impact of the program and identify areas for future development.


    • This action aims to create an inclusive and stimulating learning environment for newly arrived migrant adults who are non-readers and non-writers, allowing them to develop fundamental language skills and participate fully in their new host society.
    • Acquisition of Basic Skills
    • Linguistic Autonomy
    • Social Participation
    • Access to Education
    •  Strengthening Self-Esteem
    • Promotion of Cultural Diversity
    •  Community Engagement
    • Interpersonal Support
    • Social Integration
    • Personal development
    • Basic Calculation


    Expected audience:

    Level of education and mastery of basic knowledge :

    • Level of education indifferent
    • Does not master basic knowledge

    Language skills upon entry into training :

    • CECRL :
      • Oral: Infra A1, A1, A2
      • Written: Infra A1, A1, A2


    Type of audience :

    • Foreign nationals from outside the European Union, in a legal situation, signatories of a republican integration contract (CIR) for less than 5 years and holders for less than 5 years of a residence permit issued under family immigration, of immigration
      professional or international protection.
    • Non-Reading Migrant Adults: Individuals who have not acquired basic reading skills and who have difficulty recognizing and interpreting printed words.
    • Non-Writer Migrant Adults: Those who have difficulty writing simple texts or forming coherent sentences.


    Useful information:

    Hourly volume : 3H
    Training registration cost : 0
    No annual membership to the structure requested in addition
    Passing a French language certification or diploma : Support is included as part of the training for certifications or diplomas
    Childcare : No