Summary of test and certification results

Founded in 1986, ABC FORMATION is an association law 1901, created with the aim of helping any person without discrimination of origin, gender, background, religion to integrate socially and professionally in our territory.

The expansion of ABC Formation's fields of expertise has led to the development of 2 learning centers, linguistic and digital, and a socio-professional integration support center.

As part of several actions approved by the departmental directorate of employment, labor and solidarity, several general French courses are regularly organized within our establishment. These courses are aimed at new arrivals, refugees and RSA beneficiaries from level A1.1 to level B1.

Linguistic center:

Our main mission is to promote the French language, French-speaking cultures and to promote cultural diversity by highlighting all cultures.

Our pedagogy is part of a communicative and action-oriented approach and represents more than 70% of all our training actions. This approach aims to develop communicative competence which is not limited to the mastery of grammatical rules, but also knowledge of the socio-cultural rules of language use, rules ensuring textual coherence and cohesion and strategies for compensating for communication failures (strategic competence). It advocates a pedagogy centered on the learner and their needs language professionals.Learner-centeredness also involves taking into account the learner's daily experience and their cultural specificities. This explains the attachment of the communicative approach to authentic documents as supports for activities. These are documents that were not initially designed for educational purposes. Using these documents allows the learner to work on real exchanges, learn a socially varied language and prepare for communication outside the classroom.

Our linguistic center is structured around three main axes:

  1. French Language Integration Training:

The general objective of this training is the socio-cultural integration of newcomers who are often non-communicative. The educational objective is to reach level A1 at the end of the course.

In order to make the learner an actor in their learning, weekly workshops of sporting and cultural activities (cinema, theater or visits to historical places or resources) are organized in line with the general French courses.

  1. French as a Foreign Language training:

It’s about learning French and facilitating access to the job market. Trainees are supported in learning French up to A2 level certification, the minimum level required for any entry into employment or training.

  1. French training for professional purposes:

We offer French training activities for professional purposes in different sectors under pressure: the objective is to acquire professional language skills enabling work in the fields of mass distribution, hotel and catering, assistance with the person or the medico-social, etc.

Our FOS courses are organized around CCIP professional French diplomas and most often for sectors in tension.

Access to these certification or diploma courses requires level A1 of the European framework.

As a Certifying Center and in partnership with the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), we offer anyone integrating this system the completion of the A2 Diploma.


Objectives: develop oral and written language skills in a professional context, reaching level A2 or B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. A TEF (CCI Paris Ile de France) level A2 test will certify the level.

o   Intensive preparation for A2, B1 language certification

Additional B1 level courses are also offered to learners wishing to strengthen their language skills. Our language training is based on a digital component which facilitates autonomy in learning.

As a language certification center, ABC Formation prepares candidates on a daily basis to take CCIP language certifications. In addition to the individual French test preparation modules present in our CPF catalog, all our trainees benefit from intensive preparation for this type of test. Indeed, all our linguistic activities in French are certified by TEF or DFP certification, which requires prior preparation of trainees for the test.

 Digital center

Within this service, particular attention is paid to the policy of combating the digital divide. One of our actions in favor of populations experiencing illiteracy is our e-Tic-Lab project. This training is intended to be concrete, practical and pragmatic so that trainees acquire ease and autonomy in using digital tools in their daily lives in order to facilitate their administrative procedures; their job search and erase as much as possible electronicism and the digital divide.

The use of these tools and social networks acts as a real accelerator both in their personal and professional lives, it opens up new perspectives and access to the features of today's professional and social world.

This training is resolutely focused on practicing functionalities. The applications and exercises on concrete cases are conducted alternately in order to combine theoretical parts and practical applications giving coherence and understanding to the program that the beneficiaries follow. Every year more than 200 migrants benefit from the digital center's actions.

Socio-professional integration support center

Our objectives, as part of the departmental integration program for RSA beneficiaries, is to assess individual situations to develop a personal, social, family and/or professional project and to remove obstacles to employment and integration (family problems, long-term inactivity, illness, language barrier, etc.)

We organize weekly French as a foreign language workshops to remove the linguistic barrier for any non-speaking person, to prepare for both oral and written communication in order to allow access to training or employment.

Datadock certified, all our training courses are eligible for the CPF (Personal Training Account). They can also be validated by a Professional French Diploma (DFP). This diploma, offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris Île-de-France (CCIP), certifies the employee's linguistic skills according to their specific sector of activity: Business, International Relations, Tourism, Hospitality and Catering and Health.

ABC FORMATION is also an approved TEF and DFP exam center. We also offer preparation courses for the TEF and DFP. You have the opportunity to obtain internationally recognized diplomas and certifications throughout the year.

 You can also consult our training courses on the job challenge website 

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Charte de la diversité

Our training and certification services

Language training for professional purposes

Develop oral and written language skills in a professional context.

You can find us on the job challenge website in click here 

School site

The School Workshop aims to facilitate access to or return to employment, through a dynamic collective project based on a concrete work situation, and overall support, both social and professional.


Evaluate your level of digital mastery and progress!

Beyond simple multiple choice questions

Fun challenges and scenarios inspired by real life: manipulate files and data, investigate the web, and answer digital culture questions!

For all levels

From beginner to advanced, the questions are personalized and adapted to your level, answer by answer.

Corrections and tutorials

Depending on the results, online tutorials are recommended to help you progress.

5 areas, 16 skills, 6 levels

  • Information and data
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Content Creation
  • Protection and security
  • Digital environment

the French Assessment Test (TEF) 

The tests for French Nationality and the Resident Card merge from January 3, 2022, by decree of 12/30/2019.

The test is now called the Residence and Naturalization Integration test – IRN

The Test remains made up of 4 tests : Oral Comprehension / Written Comprehension / Written Expression / Oral Expression.

You will be able to register for these tests in a few days. The calendar will be available very soon.

The TEF allows you to certify your level of French in any professional, academic or mobility context and particularly for:

Obtain the resident card in France with the TEF Resident card

Obtain French nationality with the TEF Naturalization

Study in France with the TEF study

Immigrate to Canada and obtain Canadian citizenship with the TEF Canada

Immigrate to Quebec with the TEF Quebec (TEFAQ)


The digital pass makes it possible, through targeted distribution, to act as a priority for the targeted audiences, as close as possible to their needs.

a notebook.
10 passes.
10€ per pass.
#APTIC brings citizens furthest away from digital technology closer to qualified places.
#APTIC uses a simple cultural code,
common and positive. it inspires power to act for the beneficiary, where he or she was experiencing a deficiency.

Preparation for training and employment entrance tests

In order to strengthen the professional integration of young people from priority neighborhoods, we are proposing the action “preparation for entry tests into training or employment in partnership with the local mission of Argenteuil-Bezons. 

Preparation for “RATP” competitions, psychotechnical tests, maths, French, culture, etc.

TRE coaching workshops and job interview preparation.


Dynamics and project

Evaluate individual situations to allow people to develop a personal, social, family and/or professional project


In an increasingly competitive global market, companies are looking for the most agile, mobile employees, adapted to a globalized world. Among the qualities sought, mastery of several languages is an essential asset, including French.

It is not only the third most used language in the business world, but also the official language of the French-speaking world, or 83 countries on 5 continents representing 16% of global GDP.

Highlight your ability to work in French in your sector of activity, whatever your level (A1 – beginner to C1 – confirmed) and add a Professional French diploma to your CV.



Formerly known as PCIE – European IT Skills Passport, ICDL certification has been involved in the recognition of digital skills since 1996. To download the presentation brochure click here.

This repository is administered by a group of experts from the ICDL foundation, supported by more than 400 global figures in the fields of training, education, software publishing and business.