Everything you need to know about the new TEF

Everything you need to know about the new TEF



Recognized by the French Ministry of the Interior, the TEF Integration, Residence and Nationality is intended for any foreign person over 16 years old wishing to:

  • enhance your level of French as part of the OFII citizen journey (level A1) ;
  • certify your level of French for a long-term resident card application (level A2) ;
  • certify your level of French for an application for French nationality (level B1).

What are the tests?

The TEF IRN consists of 4 compulsory tests : written comprehension, oral comprehension, written expression and oral expression.

? Sur ordinateur

13 questions in MCQ format to be answered in 30 minutes

? Sur ordinateur

17 questions in MCQ format to be answered in 10 minutes.


? Sur ordinateur

2 topics to cover in 30 minutes in total.


? En face à face avec un(e) examinateur(trice)

2 topics to be covered in 5 minutes each, 10 minutes in total


Total duration of the exam: 1 hour 20 minutes

All tests must be taken on the same day.

If you are not satisfied with the score obtained in one of the tests, you will have to retake all of the tests.

You can retake the test as many times as you wish, respecting a waiting period of 30 days between each exam.


Duration of the speaking test:

· 10 minutes – 2 topics to cover

Composition of the test:

· AHelping a friend make a decision

. Applyand ask questions about services

Comment m’inscrire ?

Pour vous inscrire, contactez le ABC Formation, vous pouvez nous contactez via ce lien:

How do I prepare?

To prepare for the exam, several resources are at your disposal :

 A training tutorial allows you to practice directly on the exam taking platform.


• For the written and oral expression tests, examples of topics are available in PDF format:


• The French 3.0 application also allows you to practice.

• Finally, you will find on  the PrepmyTEF online preparation platform course sheets, exercises and practice exams.

How do I get my results?

Your results will be sent to the testing center within approximately 2 to 4 weeks from the date of receipt of the session materials.

The results certificates are dematerialized. You will receive an email with a link allowing you to access your digital safe and obtain your certificate of results online.

The TEF IRN evaluates up to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe.

Level A1 not reached Level A1
Level A2
Level B1
0 to 99 points / per event 100 to 199 points / per event 200 to 299 points / per event 300 points and more / per event

See an example of certificate

What level must I obtain for my file to be accepted by the prefecture?

The level required to obtain the 10-year resident card is level A2. 

► Level A2 is reached if you have obtained a score greater than or equal to 200 on at least three tests AND a score greater than or equal to 167 on each of the tests.

The level required for French naturalization procedures is level B1.

► Level B1 is reached if you have obtained a score greater than or equal to 300 on at least three tests AND a score greater than or equal to 267 in each of the tests.

For more information, please see the,order of February 21, 2018 establishing the list of diplomas and certifications attesting to the level of proficiency in French required to obtain a resident card or a resident card bearing the words “long-term resident – EU”.

Are there cases of exemptions from the TEF Naturalization?

For more information, please see the website of the Ministry of the Interior or the circular of February 26, 2018 (NOR: INTV1804752J). In accordance with this text, exemption from taking a French test can be granted for:

  • people holding an official diploma. The minimum level required is level 3 of the national nomenclature of training levels (Brevet des colleges, CAP). However, be careful to check with the prefecture to confirm the acceptance of your diploma;
  • people holding a French language diploma of at least A2 level (DELF, DU, DCL);
  • people over 65;
  • people suffering from a disability or chronically poor health (proof to be presented to the prefecture).

If you think you might benefit from an exemption, contact the prefecture services directly, who are the only ones authorized to issue an exemption.

People applying for a residence permit renewal do not need to present a language level certificate.

Candidates who are illiterate not being mentioned in the cases of exemptions from the circular of February 26, 2018 (NOR: INTV1804752J), they must pass a language level test in order to be able to present a file that complies with the requirements of the decree, i.e. containing an official certificate after passing the test.

How do I request special accommodation?

Business French offers different arrangements to make the TEF accessible to candidates with disabilities.

The candidate must provide a medical certificate at its examination center. This certificate is from a practitioner and explains the nature of the disability. If this allows the candidate to present the tests, the practitioner issues recommendations for organizing the session (provision of an assessor by the center, allocation of additional third-time work, adaptation of the sound volume, etc.).

Business French then sends the testing center the material necessary for organizing a tailored session: adapted version, instructions for the center manager, instructions for the supervisor, examiner, assessor.

➲ Candidates for TEF Naturalization must present a certificate established according to the regulatory model established by the decree NOR : INTV2009412A du 17 juillet 2020. The certificate can be download on this page.

Do prefectures recognize dematerialized certificates?

This certificate is recognized and accepted by the Prefectures. It is not necessary to present an official paper certificate. You can simply print your electronic certificate.

What is your policy for processing my data?

When you register for the TEF Naturalization, Le Business French collects a certain amount of information in accordance with French laws on the application for naturalization.

If the required level is obtained, your data will be made accessible to the French authorities. If you object to this transmission or if you modify or delete data, your naturalization application cannot be processed by the French authorities.

Your data is kept by Lbusiness French for 10 years. The data transmitted to the French authorities will be kept according to French laws.

You have a right of access to the data concerning you, as well as a right to modify and delete this data from tef@cci-paris-idf.fr.

I took a TEF Naturalization or a TEF Resident Card. Will my certificate be accepted?

If you took the TEF for the resident card or for naturalization, your results are valid for 2 years. Your certificate of results will therefore be accepted during your procedures at the prefecture, within the validity period.

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