As part of immigration and citizenship application procedures, the federal government of Canada Since 2002, it has recognized the TEF Canada to attest to its linguistic knowledge in French.

What are the tests?

 As part of an immigration application to Canada, you must pass the following tests:

Oral comprehension: 40 min – 60 questions

Written comprehension : 60 min – 50 questions

Oral expression: 15 min – 2 topics to cover

Written expression : 60 min – 2 topics to cover

 As part of a request for Canadian citizenship, you must pass the following tests:

Oral comprehension: 40 min – 60 questions

Oral expression: 15 min – 2 topics to cover

Attention All tests must be taken on the same day so that your certificate is recognized by the Canadian authorities.

How do I get my results?

Your results will be sent to the testing center within approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the date of receipt of the session materials.

However, if your test included a written expression test, the correction time is longer.

The center then receives, by mail, all of the candidates’ results certificates. He is responsible for transmitting them to each candidate.

See an example of certificate

Attention Only one copy of your certificate will be issued to you. It is therefore recommended to keep a certified copy of your certificate.

The certificate specifies your score for each of the tests. To find out the Canadian language proficiency level (CLB) corresponding to your score, please refer to the Tableau de correspondance.

How long is my test valid?

The validity of the results is two years.

What level must I obtain for my application to be accepted by IRCC?

The levels required in language skills for immigration procedures to Canada are detailed on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

Are there any cases of exemptions from the TEF Canada?

To be certain of having to pass TEF Canada, inquire directly with the Ministry Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

The test center near me only offers the TEF. Will it be recognized by IRCC?

A TEF certificate is recognized by the Canadian Ministry in the same way as a TEF Canada certificate.

The full TEF exam includes one more test than the TEF Canada: the Glossary and structure test.

For your file, IRCC will only take into account the results obtained in the 4 other tests (Written comprehension, Oral comprehension, Written expression, Oral expression). Please note, however, that all tests must be taken on the same day.

How can I get more information about immigration procedures in Canada?

To find out the latest official provisions regarding immigration to Canada, you can consult the IRCC website.

What is your policy for processing my data?

When you register for TEF Canada, Business French collects a certain amount of information in accordance with Canadian immigration application laws.

If the required level is obtained, your data will be made accessible to the Canadian authorities. If you object to this transmission or if you modify or delete data, your immigration or citizenship application cannot be processed by the Canadian authorities.

Your data is kept by the French business office of the CCI Paris Ile-de-France for 10 years. Data transmitted to Canadian authorities will be kept according to Canadian laws.

You have a right of access to the data concerning you, as well as a right to modify and delete this data from tef@cci-paris-idf.fr.

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