Founded in 1986, ABC FORMATION is an association under the 1901 law, created with the aim of helping anyone without discrimination based on origin, gender, background or religion to integrate socially and professionally in our territory. Historically a privileged partner of public employment services in their professional integration efforts for young people (under 26) and beneficiaries of minimum social benefits,  

ABC Formation has concentrated its activities over the last 5 years around 2 learning centers, linguistic and digital, and a support and socio-professional integration center.

As part of several actions approved by the DDETS, several language courses are regularly organized within our establishment. These courses are aimed at new arrivals, refugees and RSA beneficiaries from level A1.1 to level B1. 


Linguistic center:

  1. French Language Integration Training:

The general objective of this training is the socio-cultural integration of newcomers who are often non-communicative. The educational objective is to reach level A1 at the end of the course.

In order to make the learner an actor in their learning, weekly workshops of sporting and cultural activities (cinema, theater or visits to historical places or resources) are organized in line with the general French courses.

 1.French as a Foreign Language training:

It’s about learning French and facilitating access to the job market. Trainees are supported in learning French up to A2 level certification, the minimum level required for any entry into employment or training.


2.French training for professional purposes:

We offer French training activities for professional purposes in different sectors in tension: the objective is to acquire professional language skills enabling you to work 

in the areas of mass distribution, hotel and catering, personal assistance or medico-social, etc. 

Our FOS courses are organized around CCIP professional French diplomas and most often for sectors in tension.

Access to these certification or diploma courses requires level A1 of the European framework.

As a Certifying Center and in partnership with the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), we offer anyone integrating this system the completion of the A2 Diploma.

Objectives: develop oral and written language skills in a professional context, reaching level A2 or B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. A TEF (CCI Paris Ile de France) level A2 test will certify the level. 

Préparation intensive à la certification linguistique A2, B1

Additional B1 level courses are also offered to learners wishing to strengthen their language skills. Our language training is based on a digital component which facilitates autonomy in learning.

As a language certification center, ABC Formation prepares candidates on a daily basis to take CCIP language certifications. In addition to the individual French test preparation modules present in our CPF catalog, all our trainees benefit from intensive preparation for this type of test. Indeed, all our linguistic activities in French are certified by TEF or DFP certification, which requires prior preparation of trainees for the test.


Digital center

Within this service, particular attention is paid to the policy of combating the digital divide. One of our actions in favor of populations experiencing illiteracy is our e-Tic-Lab project. This training is intended to be concrete, practical and pragmatic so that trainees acquire ease and autonomy in using digital tools in their daily lives in order to facilitate their administrative procedures; their job search and erase as much as possible electronicism and the digital divide.

The use of these tools and social networks acts as a real accelerator both in their personal and professional lives, it opens up new perspectives and access to the features of today's professional and social world.

This training is resolutely focused on practicing functionalities. The applications and exercises on concrete cases are conducted alternately in order to combine theoretical parts and practical applications giving coherence and understanding to the program that the beneficiaries follow. Every year more than 200 migrants benefit from the digital center's actions.

Socio-professional integration support center

Our objectives, within the framework of the Departmental Integration and Employment Program for RSA beneficiaries, is to evaluate individual situations to develop a personal, social, family and/or professional project and to remove the obstacles to employment and integration (family problems, long-term inactivity, illness, language barrier, etc.)

Our work psychologist as well as our professional integration advisors work on the three PDIE systems:

  • Mobilization towards activity and employment
  • Overall support with the Pôle Emploi
  • Linguistic action for professional purposes aimed at bRSAs.