To prepare for the TEF Several options are available to you :

Train yourself with French lessons

Any quality French language training will help you improve your skills and get a better TEF score.

To this end, we advise you to contact us to offer you French courses.

Practice online

  • Check out the tutorials allowing you to familiarize yourself with the TEF listening comprehension and speaking tests.
  • Register to the online preparation offered in partnership with Prepmyfuture.
  • Familiarize yourself with the test format with the examples of tests available in this section.
  • Join our Facebook group How to prepare for the TEF – Official.
  • Thanks to mobile application français 3.0, practice the different French assessment tests.

Follow the advice of business French

Our educational managers share with you The tips and tricks for preparing for the exam :

– News item: prepare section A of the written expression of the TEF
– The argument: prepare section B of the written expression of the TEF
– Preparing for the TEF oral expression test
– Prepare for the TEF written comprehension test
– Preparing for the TEF oral comprehension test
– Prepare for the TEF lexicon and structure test

You can also watch replays of our preparation workshops for the TEF exams.


Train with the preparation works

You can also use training books for the TEF tests, published by Hachette FLE and Clé International:

  • the french assessment test
    Collection: Objective success
    Publisher: Hachette livre – French as a foreign language
    ISBN :
    Publication date: 2001
  • TEF (French assessment test) – 250 activities
    Editor: CLE International
    ISBN : 209-033348-0 (livre) et 209-032316-7 (CD audio)
    Publication date: 2006

Please note: The TEF tests have undergone changes since the publication date of these two works.

    Editor: CLE International
    ISBN : 978-2-09-038246-4
    Reissue date: 2019


You are preparing for the french assessment test ? the TEF training tutorials of Business French are made for you!

What are the tests?

3 written tests:

  • Written comprehension (CE) 60 min – 50 questions (distributed over 64 screens)
  • Written expression (DE) 60 min – 2 subjects to cover
  • Lexicon and structure (LS) 30 min – 40 questions

2 oral tests:

  • Oral comprehension (CO) 40 min – 60 questions (distributed over 51 screens)
  • Oral expression (EO) 15 min – 2 topics to cover

The TEF takes place online, in electronic format. The tests vary depending on the version of the TEF choisie. More information


5 tutorials to practice


 ▶️ Written comprehension                                               ▶️  Written expression



▶️  Oral comprehension                                                ▶️  Oral expression



                                                 ▶️  Glossary and Structure