Valable à vie, ce diplôme vous permettra d’attester de vos capacités à travailler en français dans les fonctions relationnelles, administratives et commerciales de l’entreprise.

Ce diplôme est disponible dans cinq niveaux : A1, A2, B1, B2 et C1.

Les Diplômes de français professionnel sont également reconnus par le Ministère de l’intérieur pour valider votre niveau de français dans le cadre d’une demande de Resident Card or naturalization with the French State.



Le Diplôme de français des Affaires C1 valide une compétence en français de niveau C1 du CECRL. Il correspond approximativement à 500 heures d’apprentissage.

It certifies proficiency in French at an experienced level, which allows the user to communicate effectively, precisely and adapted to the interlocutor, in all professional communication situations.

The holder of this diploma can carry out professional communication tasks with ease, orally and in writing, in all standard situations in their professional environment. He can also adapt his communication to react effectively to unforeseen situations.

Skills assessed

Understand and process information:

The candidate can understand and process a wide range of long and complex documents, written or oral, accurately identifying points of view and arguments, even implicit ones, appreciating nuances of style and tone.

He/She is capable of writing professional writing that is structured and precise, nuanced and adapted to the recipient, as part of a commercial transaction or in response to an identified problem.

Interact orally:

The candidate is capable of developing rich and precise arguments, of finely structuring his/her speech and of adapting flexibly to unforeseen events. He/she can improvise an appropriate and effective response to a complex or unexpected question.