OFII internal regulations



  • Established to meet the legal obligation (articles R. 6352-5 et seq. of the Labor Code for disciplinary rules and articles R. 6352-9 et seq. of the Labor Code for the terms of representation of trainees), this document sets the rules of internal discipline concerning the participants, recalls the modalities of their representativeness, and specifies certain regulatory provisions regarding health and safety.
  • In the interest of all, the hierarchy (made up of the Director and all the coordinators) is justified in ensuring its application and granting justified exemptions.
  • To make it known to everyone, a copy is given to each trainee upon official registration. It is also posted on the trainee notice board.
  • Other documents specific to each action may complete it, in application of article R9221 of the labor code.



  • Use of the association’s premises and equipment.
    • The material is made available to trainees for learning and training.
  • It is prohibited to take objects or documents belonging to the association without authorization.
  • No participant may, without prior authorization, be in the workplace (office or classroom) or be busy there outside of the set time.
  • Personal telephone communications received or given during work must be limited to emergency cases.


2-2    Lateness, absences

  • Any delay must be justified to the Director or his representative. Repeated unjustified delays may result in one of the sanctions provided for in these regulations.
  • The same applies to any early exit without legitimate reason and without authorization.
  • General discipline:
    • Participants are required to comply with legal and conventional requirements and instructions brought to their attention through postings for all matters relating to proper operation and safety.



  • Hygiene
    • It is prohibited to enter or remain in the establishment in a state of intoxication, or under the influence of drugs, to bring in or consume alcoholic beverages, or any other toxic substance.
  • Refusal to comply with hygiene obligations may result in one of the sanctions provided for in these regulations.
  • Security measures
  • It is prohibited to handle emergency equipment (fire extinguishers) outside of their normal use and to make access to them difficult.
  • It is prohibited to neutralize any safety device.
  • Any accident, even minor, occurring during the course (or journey) must immediately be brought to the attention of the Director.



4-1   Disciplinary sanctions

4-1-1 Any measure, other than verbal observations taken by the Director, following a report by the coordinator of an act deemed to be wrongful by the trainee, constitutes a sanction. This measure is taken according to the seriousness of the facts, the opinion of the coordinator and possibly the disciplinary committee.

4-1-2 When the sanction taken affects the trainee's presence temporarily or permanently in the internship, it is immediately reported to the beneficiary's representative.

  • The disciplinary sanctions are as follows, excluding any fine or other financial sanction:
  • Warning (written observation intended to attract the attention of the trainee)
  • Blame (written reprimand for wrongful behavior)
  • Suspension of support for a period of one week.
  • Permanent exclusion


4-2    Trainees’ rights of defense

4-2-1 In accordance with the Labor Code and Decree 91-1107, no sanction may be imposed on the beneficiary without the beneficiary having been informed in writing of the grievances held against him.

4-2-2 Whatever the nature of the sanction, during the interview, the trainee may be assisted by his delegate or by another person of his choice within a training group.

4-2-3 When the envisaged sanction has an immediate impact or not on the presence of the participant, the procedure is as follows:

  • The Director or his representative summons the trainee in writing, indicating the purpose of this summons.
  • During the interview, the director or his representative indicates to the participant the reason for the envisaged sanction and collects the trainee's explanations.

4-2-4 When the sanction envisaged is definitive exclusion from the action, the disciplinary committee is contacted by the Director for its opinion.

The trainee is heard, at his request, by the disciplinary committee and may be assisted under the conditions defined in paragraph 3-2-2 of these regulations.

4-2-5 The sanction cannot occur less than one clear day, nor more than 15 days after the interview or, where applicable, after transmission of the opinion of the disciplinary committee, it is notified in writing in the form a registered letter or against discharge to the trainee.



  • In accordance with articles R. 6352-9 et seq. of the Labor Code, a titular delegate and a substitute delegate are elected simultaneously for each action lasting more than 500 hours.

The election is by two-round single-member ballot. A report is drawn up and posted.

5-1-1    The director of the training organization is responsible for organizing the ballot and ensuring its smooth running.

5-1-2    All participants are voters and eligible.

5-1-3    The delegates of the participants are elected for the duration of the course. Their functions end when they stop participating in the internship for any reason whatsoever. In this case, a new election is held.

5-1-4    The delegates make any suggestions to improve the progress of training activities and the living conditions of participants in the training organization. They present all individual or collective complaints relating to these matters, health and safety conditions and the application of the regulations.

The establishment director




Procedure in force until the end of the pandemic aimed at protecting trainees 

These health measures are specific to the reception of trainees, subject to modifications.
This document is established to limit the risks of spreading the COVID 19 virus within ABC FORMATION establishments in order to preserve the health safety of trainees.

A signed copy of this must be given to each trainee upon their return to the center.


  1. Wearing a mask is compulsory in ABC FORMATION establishments (training rooms, hall, staircase, corridor, toilets, etc.).
  2. Each ABC FORMATION establishment has implemented a traffic plan aimed at limiting the risks of COVID-19 contamination. The latter is displayed at each “COVID-19 Info” point.
  3. The establishment's cleaning and disinfection protocols have been modified and reinforced using virucidal cleaning products.
  4. Hand washing points are identified and stocked with soap and disposable hand towels.
  5. Gel or a hydroalcoholic solution is available to anyone entering the ABC FORMATION premises (either at the reception point, if the establishment has a reception; or, in each of the training rooms)
  6. Numerous “COVID-19 Info” points are present in common areas (hall, corridor, etc.) and allow staff and trainees to be informed about the barrier gestures to be respected.
  7. Due to anti-COVID 19 measures, certain services and spaces are temporarily suspended or closed: drinks dispensers, “kitchen” areas, the use of coffee makers, kettles, etc.




  1. Each trainee must bring their mask and wear it in the ABC FORMATION premises. Trainees who do not have a mask will not be able to access our premises.
  2. Each trainee must disinfect their hands, upon entering the premises, using a gel or hydroalcoholic solution made available at reception (if the center has a reception) and/or within each of the training rooms.
  3. During breaks, trainees stay in the room. They cannot leave it, except to go smoke or go to the toilet. As a reminder, smoking is prohibited within the establishment.
  4. Durant les pauses, les stagiaires restent en salle. Ils ne peuvent en sortir, sauf, pour aller fumer, aller au sanitaire. En rappel, il est interdit de fumer au sein de l’établissement.
  5. Each trainee must, during break times, wash their hands at the identified hand washing point.
  6. Trainees must bring their materials (pencils, papers, bottle of water and/or their thermos (coffee, tea), etc.). This material must be returned to at the end of each course and it is prohibited to share it with others.
  7. Due to anti-COVID 19 measures, it is prohibited to gather and park in the common areas of the establishment: hall, corridors, toilets, etc.
  8. Social distancing of one meter must be respected in common areas (hall, toilets, corridor, staircase, entrance to the establishment, etc.).
  9. Each trainee must respect the traffic plan, aimed at limiting the risks of COVID-19 contamination, displayed in the establishment and presented when returning to the center after confinement.
  10. Barrier gestures must be respected (https://www.temporel.fr/info-coronavirus).