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We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our learners and are committed to resolving any complaints or problems encountered quickly and efficiently. To facilitate the tracking of complaints, we have set up a dedicated tool which allows learners to report their concerns in a clear and structured manner. This is how our complaints tracking tool works:

  1. Complaint form: We have an online complaint form accessible on our website or through a dedicated platform. This form includes specific fields to collect relevant information, such as learner name, contact details, nature of complaint, date and any other relevant details.
  2. Submission process: Learners can complete the complaint form confidentially and submit it online. They can also attach relevant documents to support their claim, if applicable.
  3. Acknowledgment of receipt: Upon receipt of the complaint, our dedicated team reviews the form and sends an acknowledgment of receipt to the learner to confirm that the complaint has been taken into account. This can be done by email or any other agreed means of communication.
  4. Complaint Handling: Our competent team analyzes the complaint and takes necessary steps to resolve the issue appropriately. This may involve additional investigations, discussions with affected parties and finding suitable solutions.
  5. Monitoring and communication: Throughout the process, we maintain regular communication with the learner to inform them of the progress of the complaint. We will endeavor to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.
  6. Resolution and closure: Once the complaint is resolved, we communicate the actions taken to the learner and ensure their satisfaction. We also keep a record of complaints and actions taken for internal follow-up.
  7. The ABC FORMATION complaints tracking tool is designed to guarantee a transparent, fair and efficient process for resolving problems encountered by our learners. We are committed to using complaints as opportunities for continuous improvement of our services.

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Anyone has the right to file a complaint regarding reception, courses, or…. To file a complaint, you must complete the online form below. Each complaint will receive a response within 72 working hours.

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 We have a mediation system to facilitate the resolution of conflicts or disputes that may arise between learners and the establishment. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that allows the parties involved to work together to find a mutually acceptable solution. This is how our mediation system works:

  1. Request for mediation: When a learner wishes to initiate mediation, they can inform the administrative team or use our online form dedicated to mediation. In this request, the learner specifies the reasons for mediation and the problems he wishes to resolve.
  2. Selection of a mediator: Once the mediation request is received, we select a neutral and impartial mediator from our team or we call upon an external mediator specialized in conflict resolution. The mediator is trained to facilitate the mediation process in a fair and effective manner.
  3. Mediation meeting: The mediator organizes a meeting with the parties concerned, namely the learner and representatives of ABC FORMATION. This meeting takes place in a confidential and respectful environment, conducive to open discussion and the search for solutions.
  4. Mediation process: The mediator guides the parties through the mediation process by promoting constructive communication and encouraging the expression of each person's needs and interests. The parties are encouraged to explore different options and negotiate to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.
  5. Mediation agreement: If the parties reach an agreement, the mediator helps them formalize this agreement in writing. This agreement may include commitments, remedies or any other aspects necessary to resolve the dispute.
  6. Monitoring and closure: Once the mediation agreement has been concluded, the mediator ensures that the commitments made by the parties are followed up. He remains available for any additional questions or needs for clarification. Once the parties are satisfied with the implementation of the agreement, the mediation process is closed.

Le système de médiation à ABC FORMATION vise à promouvoir la communication ouverte, la compréhension mutuelle et la résolution pacifique des conflits. Nous encourageons les apprenants à recourir à la médiation comme moyen efficace de résoudre les différends et de maintenir un environnement d’apprentissage harmonieux.