PIX is a public project for an online platform for the assessment and certification of digital skills. The service is accessible and open to all French speakers:

  • To evaluate your level independently, free access to the platform (create your account on https://pix.fr)
  • To certify your digital skills. (Paid for certain audiences)

Its objective is to support the increase in the general level of digital knowledge and skills and thus prepare for the digital transformation of our entire society and our economy.



The Pix platform evaluates your mastery in 5 main areas and on 16 digital skills of the European DigComp Reference Framework, 8 possible levels:
1. Information and data (Search engine, information monitoring, fake news, organization of files, use of spreadsheets, etc.)
2. Communication and collaboration (Email, calendar, social networks, collaborative tools, e-citizenship, etc.)
3. Content Creation (Word processing, image, sound and video, layout, copyright, programming, etc.)
4. Protection and security (Personal data, accessibility, workstation ergonomics, cybersecurity, environmental impacts of digital technology, cyberharassment, etc.)
5. Digital environment (Technical problem solving, operating system, components, computer history, etc.)

The meaning of the levels

  • Novice
    • Level 1: Even if you need a little help from time to time, the first basics are there.
    • Level 2: The basics are acquired, you are not missing much to be independent.
  • Independent
    • Level 3: Even alone, you do well in usual situations.
    • Level 4: You are autonomous in all common situations. The digital world is available to you!
  • Advance
    • Level 5: You are comfortable with digital technology, even off the beaten track.
    • Level 6: Very good level of mastery, you are often asked for help, right?
  • Expert
    • Level 7: An unprecedented, unpredictable or restrictive situation? Nothing can resist you! You use digital technology in an original way and develop your own solutions
    • Niveau 8 : Non seulement vous mobilisez le numérique de façon originale et élaborez de nouvelles solutions, mais vous les proposez même à vos pairs qui les utilisent ! Quel expert 😉

Levels 7 and 8 are coming soon! Only levels 1 to 6 are currently available on Pix.

Develop your digital skills

PIX’s contributions to the development of everyone’s skills are threefold:

  • PIX allows you to learn by testing yourself. A significant part of the PIX tests are designed in the form of challenges to be taken up during which you develop your skills.
  • Based on the test results, PIX will also offer targeted training recommendations.
  • The service finally offers dedicated access to educational teams (college, high school, higher education) and continuing education managers. They can monitor the development of the skills of the people they supervise, and design tailor-made training strategies.
  • To demonstrate progress in a continuous and stimulating manner, users have a secure personal account which allows them to demonstrate their new knowledge at their own pace and throughout their lives.