We are excited to introduce our diverse programs designed to meet the specific language needs of our students. Here is an overview of our language training:



1. TAAC-TIC (Level A1, A2 and B1)

  • Qualification required: Chamber of Commerce of French Business

Our TAAC-TIC programs are carefully structured to help you reach levels A1, A2 and B1 in business French. These skill levels are essential for success in the professional world.






2. Tremplin (Level A1, A2 and B1)

  • Qualification: French Diploma in Tourism, Hospitality and Catering

Our Tremplin courses prepare you to obtain the French diploma in Tourism, Hotels and Catering. They cover levels A1, A2 and B1 to help you excel in the tourism, hospitality and catering sectors.







3. DDS (DDS Silence Decoding)

  • “The opportunity to read and write for all migrant adults”

Our DDS program, “Decoding DDS Silences,” is an innovative initiative for non-reading and non-writing migrant adults. This program aims to develop reading and writing skills, with an emphasis on digital literacy.