Global support

In 2023, ABC Formation Unissons was mandated by the Val d’Oise Departmental Council to implement the service offer “Global Support” intended for RSA beneficiaries.

The action is based around dual support for beneficiaries in partnership with the Ermont, Montmorency and Taverny employment centers.

Pôle Emploi advisors are responsible for identifying specific needs to implement all strategies for participants' return to employment: project definition, assistance in finding employment or training, skills development, immersion in business .

The role of the Abc Formation social referent is to remove the peripheral obstacles to the employment of the people being referred to create favorable conditions for the success of the project and promote their socio-professional empowerment.

ABC's social representative works to find solutions to deal with financial, administrative or legal difficulties linked to housing, health, mobility and any other complex social situation.

The Pôle Emploi advisors and the ABC social referent work in constant consultation to together achieve the objective of returning people to employment.

Hours of operation :

From Monday to Friday

9h-12h/ 13h-17h