Our establishment is ERP and is accessible to people with disabilities.

During our first contacts, we offer you an interview in order to take into account the specificities of your disability and to determine any possible adjustments or arrangements to be put in place.

Our disability representative is available to answer all of your questions.

At ABC FORMATION, we attach great importance to accessibility for people with disabilities. We ensure that our premises, resources and activities are accessible to everyone. Here are some measures we have put in place:


  1. Accessibility of premises: We have designed our premises to allow access for people with reduced mobility. This includes access ramps, elevators, adapted toilets, reserved parking spaces, etc.
  2. Adapted resources: We strive to provide educational resources adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. This can include documents and audio, subtitles for videos, etc.
  3. Staff training: Our teaching team and staff are trained to welcome and support people with disabilities. We are aware of different types of disabilities and strive to create an inclusive environment for all our learners.
  4. Accessible communication: We ensure that our communications, whether electronic, written or oral, are accessible to everyone. We are open to adapting our mode of communication according to the needs of people with disabilities.
  5. Flexibility in assessment methods: We take into account the specific needs of people with disabilities when assessing their skills. We are ready to offer alternative solutions to allow all our learners to demonstrate their acquired knowledge.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible learning environment for all learners, including people with disabilities. If you have specific needs or questions regarding accessibility to ABC FORMATION, do not hesitate to contact us.


To ensure accessibility for people with disabilities to our training, we have adapted some of our rooms so that they meet the accessibility standards established by Qualiopi. The rooms which comply with these standards are the following: the Solidarité room, the Marianne room and the Élysée room. These rooms have been specially designed to allow all our learners, regardless of their disability, to participate fully and comfortably in our training. We are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible environment for all of our participants, and these rooms are an example of our commitment to accessibility.

ABC Formation aims to enable people with disabilities to follow training activities in the same way as other audiences.

ABC Formation can implement support measures with the Trainer and our partnership network.

We will ensure logistical, technical and educational reception and organizational solutions at the training location so that your training takes place in the best conditions.


Identification and initial consideration of your disability will be carried out either:


  • During the initial collection of the need expressed by the prescriber or yourself at our reception or on our site when you register for a session: the request will then be transmitted to our disability representative


Depending on your situation, this needs analysis can take place:

  • During an interview with the ABC Formation Disability Representative and the Trainer


Vyou will then be able to express in complete confidentiality and freedom your disability, the difficulties you encounter as well as the particular adaptations that suit you best.

Specific adaptations can be implemented according to your needs:

  • Educational route
  • Learning pace
  • Learning Tools and Means
  • Accessibility to the training location
  • Technical, human and financial assistance
  • Mobilization of the teaching team
  • Mobilization of partners serving people with disabilities

The partners : Disability Resource Training from AGEFIPH and Cape Town employment 95 support towards employment